Giant PA 12 Dove Body Wash Free + $13 Moneymaker With Gas Points (assumes a 25 gallon gas fill up)

  • Giant PA currently (1/13) has Dove body wash on sale for $6.99. There is a $3.00 Giant digital coupon for the purchase of one, but also there is an $8.00 off instantly when you buy 3 that is stacking with 500 Choice Points when you spend $15, and a $3 rebate from Shopmium on the purchase of one Dove body wash.
    So if you buy 12 you pay $83.88 but get get $8 X 4 (-$32.00) instantly, $62.50 in gas rewards points ($2.50 X 25 gallons), and $3 Shopmium rebate.

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    Not to be a thread crapper but these Giant deals which assume a 25 gallon gas fill up are sort of a waste for most.

    1. Unless you drive a motor home or huge SUV, very few cars have a 25 gallon tank, most are 12 to 18 now. thus you’d save about $35 with a 14 gallon fill up (assuming a 15 gallon tank with 1 gallon in the tank). that in itself kills the money maker aspect of this.

    2. additionally, in my area I’d spend about 30-50c more a gallon at Giant vs driving over the border to NJ where gas is much, much cheaper than in PA.

    Therefore, for the vast majority, these “MM” deals at Giant that get circulated on some shopper websites apply only to those who can manage to get 25 gallons of gas in one shot when they redeem the $2.50 per gallon savings option at the pump. the points get redeemed the same whether you get 11 gallons or 25 gallons at said fill up.


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