Hitachi 12v Impact Driver kit (2 batteries): $69 + tax @ Lowes and Amazon

  • Lowes deal link

    Amazon deal link

    I’ve been looking for an impact driver for a few weeks now. (My present cordless drill can’t drive some screws into my patio supports!). This deal popped up in my Lowe’s email feed. It’s not an awesome deal, but it’s a deal that’s available now. So I said…SCREW IT, and bought it (ha ha).


    • TWO batteries and charger included with case.

    • From reviews, it’s apparently very durable and includes a lifetime tool warranty. (Fakespot rated A on Amazon, BTW).

    • Weighs ~2 lbs yet has over 900 lbs torque.


    • It’s only 12v, so it may take longer to screw a 3" screw than an 18v.

    • EDIT: (thought of another Con) It’s not brushless

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    No, not a great deal, but I really appreciate all of the info/analysis you provided in your OP.

  • decent deal, if one needed batteries


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