Free a/MIR Bic Disposable Razor up to $10, 1/20/2018 to 3/11/2018

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    Requires UPC and original receipt.

    After mail-in rebate
    (up to $10 purchase price less taxes and any coupons used

    Buy: Any one (1) BIC® Soleil® Shine,
    ® BIC® Soleil Bella,
    ® BIC® Soleil Bella® Sun-Twist,
    ® BIC® Simply Soleil Click,
    BIC® Soleil® Glow,
    ® BIC® Soleil® Twilight,
    ® BIC® Soleil® Color Collection,
    ® BIC® Soleil® Sensitive, BIC® Soleil® Balance™,
    Flex5 Hybrid,
    ® Flex5™, Flex4,
    ® Flex3™, Hybrid 4 Flex,
    ® Hybrid 3 Comfort,
    ® or BIC Comfort 3® Advance® razor package
    Send: • This original, fully completed rebate certificate
    • Original UPC barcode cut from the BIC® razor package
    • Original store cash register receipt dated between 1/20/18-3/11/18 with the product purchase price circled.
    Receive: A check for the final price of the BIC® Razor purchase price up to $10.00 (before coupons and tax)
    after mail-in rebate.

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    Thanks, MC. I bought it at Rite Aid and used a Rite Aid gift card I bought when they were on sale last Christmas for 20% off, so this actually turned into a small MM for me (even when taking tax and postage into account).


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