Microsoft Home Use Program, MS Office for $9.95 if your employer participates

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    Exclusive for your company, get the complete Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 suite for your home. Or if you use a Mac, get Office Home and Business 2016 for Mac for the same low price.
    To support work from home, many companies offer Microsoft Office at a discounted rate of $9.95 via the Microsoft Home Use Program (HUP). Check to see if your company participates. All DoD employees qualify for this, you just have to have a valid company (DoD) email address. Enter your work email address to see if you qualify. link

  • Some DOD personnel will need an organization code as well as their email address.

  • I’ve participated on this a few times. Every time a new version comes out, I order it. I ask for the DVD (extra) so I’ll have a copy of the software. Your eligibility is confirmed by your work email address and whether your company has a contract that offers this. If they can send the order/link to your work email, you’re good to go.


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