Reports Of Significant Security Issue With Accounts At Chase

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    There are some concerning reports coming out from customers with deposit accounts at Chase (seems to not be limited to only deposit accounts). To summarize the issue a number of people have logged into their accounts as normal, only to find that they have been logged into an entirely different person’s account (somebody they have no relation to). To make matters worse it seems that when you’re logged into somebody else’s account you’re able to make transfers and access other information. Some people have reported that they have logged into their own accounts only to find that unauthorized transactions have been made.

    I don’t seem to have been affected (yet), but if you bank with Chase you may want to log on just to see if it takes you to your accounts or someone else’s and if it goes to your accounts you may want to check there are no unauthorized transfers or charges.


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    @mrvietnam This explains why my transfer that was supposed to take 2 days took over a week.

  • Thanks for posting. My Chase acct. isn’t even a year old yet… Not a good start to it. 😞


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