Expired: Rite Aid 3/4 - 3/10 (up to $20 Colgate MM if you have enough in-ad, man Qs and stock on hand, MM Maty’s antacid liquid; 4 free Russell Stover Easter singles wyb 4 a/ BC; free Colgate tb/tp/mouthwash a/ in-ad and man Qs)

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    Maty’s antacid liquid 4 oz $10.49, $8.39 g. Buy 1 earn $9 bc, limit 2. Small MM

    **If you have enough coupons, the Colgate deal could turn into a $20 MM for you.

    $3.99 Colgate use $2 in ad + $2 mq. =(-$0.01), spend $20 get $5, limit 4. = $20 MM per card.**


    Russell Stover Easter singles 1 oz get $1 BC wyb 2/$1 = FREE (limit 2)

    Colgate toothpaste, toothbrushes 1 ct, & mouthwash 500 ml or 16 oz (select) $3.99

    -$2 colgate toothpaste, toothbrushes 1 ct, & mouthwash 500 ml or 16 oz (select) w/ in-ad coupon
    -$2 Colgate Total, Optic White, Enamel Health or Sensitive Toothpaste 3 oz or larger, exp 03/10/18 (02/25/18 ss)
    -$2 Colgate Mouthwash or Mouth Rinse 400 ml or larger, exp 03/10/18 (02/25/18 ss)


    Pirate Booty 2/$4 get $1 BC when you buy 2, used 2X $1.00/1 Pirate’s Booty Product SS 1/21 and get 2 bags for $1

    Clear Eyes multi symptom $13.49, g $11.03. Buy $15 earn $7 limit 2. Buy 3=$33.09 use 3 $5/1 mq=$18.09 earn $14 BC =$4.09 for 3.

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    Senior day coupons
    Wellness Wednesday - 3-7-2018

    b4y dried fruit 5-9 oz $1 off

    biscoff cookies 8.8 oz $2 off

    centrum silver 100/125 ct $4 off
    Note: There is a $3/1 printable or $3/1 insert Q on 3/4 as well as a $3/1 Savingstar offer, potentially free vitamins if selling around $10 or mm if less.

    citracal $3 off

    digestive advantage $4 off

    dove fruit & nut or whole fruit dipped in chocolate 5.5-6 oz $2 off

    emergen-c 30 ct+ $4 off

    fibercon 140 ct $7 off

    nature’s bounty acidophilus probiotic 120 ct $4 off

    ocuvite adult 50+ 90 ct $5 off

    one a day 50+ 65 ct or proactive 150 ct $3 off

    preservision areds 2 90-120 ct $10 off

    rite aid anti-fatigue men’s/ women’s insole 1 pair $2 off

    rite aid dry mouth discs 40 ct $4 off

    rite aid dry mouthwash 16 oz or dry mouth spray 1.5 oz $2 off

    rite aid eye itch relief 17 oz $2 off

    tena pad or underwear $5 off

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    If any of you have a $20 BC and don’t know how to get rid of it or break it down/roll, here is a plan:

    Buy 2 of the Maty’s and 4 $0.50 rs candies. You will still have to spend 1.22 more if you have Gold, but this gets you well on your way to getting to the $20 threshold. I always like to use the $1 kitchen trash bags as fillers. Everyone needs trash bags and 80 cents with Gold is a fair price for a 12 ct (no drawstring though). If you want drawstring I believe they only give you 8 or 9 bags in a box.
    Earn back 2 $9 + 2 $1=$20 and a new 2-month expiration window to use

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    If you have enough coupons, the Colgate deal could turn into a $20 MM for you.

    $3.99 colgate use $2 in ad + $2 mq. =(-$0.01), spend $20 get $5, limit 4. = $20 MM per card.

    Some of my stores are starting to keep the weekly ad behind the counter and only give it to customers on request. I am sure this is due to high value in-ad coupons and customers hording the ads. I have a coupon friendly cashier at one of the stores that hides the ads. I asked her for one the other day and she gave me 6 and said to let her know if I needed more. 😉

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    @mrvietnam I don’t have issues with finding ads but another option is the freebie newspapers which often have them. I find those at convenience stores and at the entrance to the supermarket. They’re often a mess with people pulling out various inserts. Easy to pick up a dozen there and no one cares.

    Colgate tp coupons are sold out on CFM but there are plenty of mouthwash coupons available. Mouthwash being same price and $2 mq available. There’s also a $1 Colgate tp ip on coupons.com. Would make it “only” a $10 MM but no cost for the coupons.

  • RiteAid ads no longer come in our LA Times. Stores can’t seem to locate any when we go in and ask for one. However, I have plenty of $2 toothpaste coupons!!! Ordered them two weeks ago.😎


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