$100 Lowe's Gift Card For Only $90 - FREE Mail Delivery by svm @ eBay

  • $100 Lowe’s Gift Card For Only $90 - FREE Mail Delivery


  • All 3,000 sold out. 😞

  • Something to keep in mind when using Lowe’s gift cards (at least based on my past experiences):

    When making an online order, and the often unreliable Lowe’s store inventory shows your item in-stock (but it’s not), that order, or portion thereof, is canceled. You don’t get a cancellation email–instead you get a phone call. All of this applies regardless if you used a Lowe’s gift card or a credit card to pay for your order.

    The rub is if paid by Lowe’s gift card, they do not credit that amount back to your gift card (as you might expect). To get your money back, you must phone Lowe’s customer service and ask them for it. Plan on 10 or more minutes for that step. Once they agree to that, plan on another 3 or 4 days for UPS to deliver an envelope to you that contains yet another plastic Lowe’s gift card for the canceled amount!


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