SYWR Members get $15 FC in points back wyb $15+ in footwear @ Sears B&M only thru 3-24-18.

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    Valid in-store only at select Sears stores.
    Maximum $15 in points per member. Points credit to acct 24 hrs after transaction.
    Points valid 14 days.
    Details here0_1521085082859_Screenshot_2018-03-14-22-47-35-1.jpg
    IDK if it will work for this promo but in the past when I’ve had e.g. $5 in SYWR points for footwear I’ve spent them on boot laces, shoe inserts, long shoe horns, boot removers, mink oil & silicone spray.

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    You might want to include in your title it is for Sears in-store only.


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