Free $1 Amazon Kindle Credit W/Subscription to Kindle Daily Deals Email List

  • Amazon is offering a $1 Kindle Credit. You just need to Subscribe to Kindle Daily Deals Email List.
    Click on Subscribe and click on “Claim this promotion”

    You can unsubscribe at any time

  • $1 credit applies to Kindle editions as well as Amazon MP3 and Amazon Video. For those who aren’t familiar with checking your digital credits balance go here:

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    I got the credit and the credit applied for $1 to three places as you mentioned, but when I placed an Amazon video order of $19.99 the $1 credit was not applied to that order. Why not? Maybe the credit is only a Kindle credit, but if so why does it show $1 at Amazon video too?

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    I contacted Amazon customer service and in the many years I have been using Amazon this is the first time I must say where I was not impressed with their customer service rep. She didn’t know why the $1 credit didn’t come off and she couldn’t find out evidently. She suggested canceling the video order and reordering and seeing if the $1 credit would come off this morning when it didn’t come off last night. Since I highly doubt that would work and also I don’t want to have a ton of cancellations on my account since I have a $5.500 credit balance and would never want to be blacklisted (because when you are you forfeit any credit balance you may have on your account) I decided not to try that route. I told her if it didn’t work yesterday why would the credit magically work today? I told her I didn’t need to cancel my order. I just wanted to find out why the credit wasn’t applied so I can know exactly what it is good for and use it in the future. All I wanted her t do was to do research about what the credit is good for and get back to me. She then gave me the boilerplate information about what it should be able to be used for, but then I said to her evidently not because it didn’t work that way for me. I told her what good is a promotional credit if you can’t use it. She started raising her voice at me. At that time I just said,“OK. Thank you” and hung up on her without saying “goodbye”.

    Interestingly enough, usually after I call Amazon customer service they send me an e-mail for me to see if my problem was solved and to rate the customer service I received. This time I did not receive any such e-mail. Those ratings don’t mean much if the Amazon rep who helped can decide if you receive one of those e-mails or not.

  • @mrvietnam I have had similar problems in the past with everything from digital games to MP3s. I’ve called cs and they usually look it up, see a credit available, and simply apply a credit discount. Only once have they given me a hard time but it was a $5 game credit. I demanded a supervisor and received the discount credit + another month of prime- win-win. That supervisor suggested that in the future, I contact cs to place an order with a credit…really?

    The problem with Amazon is when the promotional fine print says “applies to select purchases” and you have NO way of knowing what = “select.”


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