Nationwide Checking and Savings

  • Nationwide Bank (which is part of Nationwide Insurance) in recent times has become very competitive in their interest rates and offer maximum benefits if you open both their Member Checking and Online Savings accounts…

    1.30% apy on Savings (on all balance levels)
    1.15% on Checking (Over $10,000…1.0% for lower balances)

    They use the excellent (former “Checkfree” Bill Pay now known as Fiserv)
    Excellent Free atm coverage (no rebates but they are on both major fee-free networks, Allpoint and Moneypass)…

    Nice Online Banking interface… First box of checks free (but need to call Customer Service to request after opening and making initial deposit)

    If you apply for the combination, no need to order atm card for savings…debit card for checking sent automatically after initial deposit is made…once card is activated…call Customer Service and they will link in Savings to the account…When card is activated, automated system will let you select pin number

    Friendly and pretty efficient Customer Service on the phone but only opened Mon thru Friday

    Opening both accounts gets the “premium benefits” which is listed on the website…

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    @craig10x would be perfect for me if they had ATM fee rebates. I rely on that from Alliant. Also glad to see you join over here!!

  • Thanks! And good to see you here too! Yeah, no rebates, unfortunately…though having both Allpoint and Moneypass is pretty nice coverage…

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    @craig10x yes, it is nice coverage. Just wish they would add the rebate feature. Maybe they will at some point and maybe they’ll add 1 day ACH also. Good thing we have a thread to keep track of any changes! 🙂

  • Is this the same FI that used to offer the prepaid buxx cards that closed that division a year ago? I turned to their buxx cards when USBank shut theirs. I think they were the last one to close among the buxx cards that provided an easy MS route 😞

  • I wasn’t aware of it (that they had offered a buxx card but just did a little research and found that they did…last posting i saw about it was a year ago, so i guess it is no longer available…i don’t see any mention of it on their current website…

  • @ma-barker said in Nationwide Checking and Savings:

    I think they were the last one to close among the buxx cards that provided an easy MS route 😞

    Yes, and all my children were heartbroken. 😞

  • @craig10x yeah they closed the prepaid cards last year. It was an easy route although not the cheapest but manageable enough to MS w/o going out of the house.

    If there are still prepaid cards around that are being used for MS, they are not discussed in public and understandably so or else they’d get shutdown immediately once the FI notices the spike in applications and the way they’re being used. USBuxx was around for more than TEN years, it hurt so much when they closed it!


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