Buy American Express Gift Cards Online with No Purchase or Shipping Fees (perhaps use as a graduation or Father's Day gift, etc.) - Should count towards Visa/MC spend thresholds

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    Get shipping and purchase fees waived on an American Express gift card purchase online using promo code: AXPGIFT18

    Offer valid 4/1 - 8/1/18.

    This offer is being sent out via email in relation to a class action lawsuit, but in reality it’s just a regular promo code which waives the fees for anyone on the purchase or American Express gift cards online. It only works when purchasing less than $200 worth of gift cards (e.g. a single $100 gift card, or 7 $25 gift cards). Once your order is $200+, it requires special shipping methods and promo code does not waive that fee.

    It’s quite common for there to be promo codes to waive either the shipping fee or the activation fee, but to get all fees waived is a novelty. That said, this deal is fairly useless since there doesn’t seem to be any portals available (did they just remove it for this offer?). Furthermore, you’d have to order one $100 gift card at a time to scale this – when ordering multiple $100 gift cards in an order you can’t get the shipping fee waived.

    If they come out with an Amex Offer deal for Amex gift cards by the end of July, this promo code will become useful. Otherwise, it’s just a way to save a bit when buying a gift, or a way to rack up some spend toward a spend threshold without any fees (note: it won’t work for an Amex spend threshold, but should work for Visa/MC spend). Official terms is limit one card. In reality, any order total under $200 will be fine (e.g., 7 $25 cards).

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  • 500 Club

    You can also max out this offer by buying a $199.99 personalized gift card. That is what I did. I am hoping since I paid with my Am Ex Everyday card I will earn 200 Membership Rewards points on this transaction, so it can be added to my existing points so I can get one of those 20% off Home Depot gift cards that is currently available on the Membership Rewards site.

  • To those who plan to convert these back to cash, i.e, what mfr spenders do, the only way to do it is to use these to buy Visa (or Mastercard) GCs where you have to pay a purchase fee up to $5.95 depending on where you buy them. Thereafter, you can use the VisaGCs to buy a MoneyOrder and/or if you have a reloadable prepaid card like Serve/Bluebird, you can just load it at WM. You can also buy MoneyOrders at grocery stores, just ask if they accept Debit cards as payment.

    I’ve converted my TopCashBack AGC rebate GCs to cash via GreenDot Visa GCs I buy at WM. Since I get 3% bonus for choosing AGC on payout, I still come out several $ ahead compared to ACH transfer to bank.


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