Riveting Deals: Sears online, Craftsman 120 assorted rivets, $3.92 with $0.62 SYWR points back, FSP (regular price $12.99)

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    Love the title 🙂

  • Thanks!

  • Why do I need a riveter? What projects or applications do you find yourself using this?

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    OK, so here’s what I do with tool deals. e.g. •Craftsman General Purpose Riveter $5.92 w/ $0.94 SYWR points back (reg. $12.99)
    Requires FreeCash/Surprise Points. Last week I had $12 in FreeCash.
    I bring riveter to the register (only works on Tools and B&M). Tell the cashier I want to pay full price.
    They scan item, get to screen that asks “would customer like an instant gift card?”.
    Cashier enters “yes”. Price jumps to $12.99.
    I pay $12 in FreeCash, 99¢ with Sears gc.
    Cashier then issues gc for $7.77. $7.77 = $12.99 (regular price) - $5.92 (sale price) + 10%.
    I do this A LOT. Have earned hundreds in Sears gc.
    Tool Dept guys & I are now buddies. We have it down pat. I pay oop w/ my gc then hand them the gc to which they then load the new funds. For this gc net -99¢ + $7.77.
    This deal is advertised but no one (except me) does it. If I’m at a different store I might have to talk a cashier through their screens. They’ve seen the screen but always hit “no” because “no one ever does it”.
    Have used Sears gc to buy appliances or eg Shell gas gc at KM. Unload the tools on eBay.

  • Dang 4mainecoons, and I thought I was helping Sears out on their race to the bottom!
    You definitely discovered a wormhole there. Karma will keep me from copying this though.
    I feel guilty enough about previous 100% SYWR points-back deals, especially from Kmart…

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    I’ve been doing this for more than 2 years. It will be my 3rd Christmas 🙂
    Its advertised.
    They recently added it to online but online can’t use Surprise Pts/Free Cash and I don’t trust they’ll send you gc.
    With 100% back in pts deals you have to spend oop. Not my style.
    BUT if I were to do that I’d be using my same Sears gc at KM.
    I’d buy widget for $10, get 10k back in pts.
    Then find a tool reg price $19.99, on sale for $9.99
    Request to pay full price.
    Pay $10 in points, $9.99 on gc, get back $11 on gc and sell the tool.

    Sold 54 of these last Christmas season.


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