What are you doing about Fake Freebies?

  • In FW, we mod-alerted them, and mods added a disclaimer to serve as a warning. Do we flag it for a mod review? How do mods handle them? I found one today, and I added it to the Fake Freebie thread. Just wondering what else is done when one is encountered.

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    @SweetClover Yes, if you find a free deal that you suspect is fake, you can flag the thread and explain to the moderator team why you think it is fake in sufficient detail to allow us to investigate. Since we do not have a way to attach a moderator note to the OP, a reply with a “caveat emptor” warning from a mod will have to suffice for the time being if they determine that the deal is suspicious. You replying in the thread as you did to warn other members, including specific details, was also very helpful.

    Thank you for being on top of this.

    For everyone’s reference, the fake freebie thread is here: https://phatwalletforums.com/topic/659/fake-freebies

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    Great info here from @fivetalents , and here’s the process that I follow:

    1. The offer is flagged by a member and brought to the mods attention via a flag.
    2. If I am the mod to get the flag, I’ll personally review the post right away to confirm alleged snarkiness.
    3. I will then immediately lock the thread and remove the entire link that directs to said snarky offer, and in it’s place put something like “See our Fake Freebies section for details.”
    4. Add a small note to whomever the OP is, briefly explaining Phat’s intolerance of self-promotion, OR educate them on how to correctly identify a scam to begin with. (And as you’re totally aware… “some” people seriously don’t know)
    5. Retire the “offer” to Fake Freebies, if it’s not already there yet by the au fait member who found it, where it can live out it’s golden years.


    Also, thanks from me too… for being here and having your eyes and experience open. Your suggestions and comments are always truly appreciated and welcomed!

  • @fivetalents I flagged the post in question, but also replied in that thread as to why the offer is fake.


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