$35MM Zyrtec at Rite Aid on Sat. 10-14, FnF day 30% off

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    Assuming you haven’t done any allergy deals in October and have 30% off FnF coupons.
    30 ct Zyrtec tabs or 25 ct gel caps $22.99 RR, $7 OYNO cat prints wyb 2
    $4 Ip’s on Zyrtec website, maybe coupons.com and maybe insert

    Transaction #1 - all transactions require a 30% off coupon and 2 Zyrtec q’s
    2 Zyrtec $16.09 - 2 $4/1 mq = $24.18, earn 1000 PP/$30 allergy (monthly, L4) and $7 cat; $32 towards 2000PP wyb $75 Allergy (year long, unlimited)

    Transaction #2
    2 Zyrtec $16.09 - 2 $4/1 - $7 cat from above = $17.18, earn 1000PP monthly, $7 cat; another $32 towards 2000PP wyb $75 Allergy (if you already had $11 tracking you’ll earn 2000PP)

    Transaction #3 & #4 same as #2

    In the end: $24.18 + 3 x 17¢ = $24.72 oop
    earn 4000 PP for monthly Allergy, at least 2000 PP for year long Allergy and still have $7 catalina
    (and 8 bottles of Zyrtec)
    If you have $10 cat from buying Huggies then your initial oop will be lower
    ~ $35 MM

    If you run out of 30% off coupons, Zyrtec is on sale for $19.99 this week. Still a MM.

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    Cheapest LED light bulbs are $7.99
    -30% off
    = $5.59, earn 500PP and 100PP if you have targeted offer

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    @my4mainecoons said in $35MM Zyrtec at Rite Aid on Sat. 10-14, FnF day 30% off:

    2000PP wyb $75 Allergy (year long, unlimited)

    Is this something I need to activate beforehand or is it automatically on my Plenti account? If I need to activate it, how do I do it?

    Also, does the 30% off coupon have a unique barcode or can I just print out how many I need?

    Are you sure when I redeem a $7 cat I will get another one in the same order?

    Good luck on finding enough stock.

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    @mrvietnam Oh my. Year long Allergy program started Jan. 1 2017. That’s what made all the Rhinocort deals so hot.
    To sign up you can print the bar code from RA.com or get brochure in store. Have them scan it. On RA.com click Plenti w/Wellness and under that Allergy to find the bar code. I can’t believe you aren’t already signed up! I’ve earned the 2000 PP for $75 spend at least 10 times per card.

    The 30% off’s are single use. I received them when I made purchases, received emails with them and the stores have them to hand out.

    I maxed out Zyrtec last week when there was a triple dip: spend $30 on Johnson & Johnson, earn 1000PP (Zyrtec is J&J) along with the monthly Allergy and the year long Allergy offers. Each acct earned 2000 more than the above scenario.

    You are correct. The most Zyrtec I found in one store was 6 bottles of regular tabs and 4 of the gel caps. So you could do one card in a store that people didn’t hit last week. The bigger issue is that q’s might be NLA due to everyone printing them last week. I’d bought and used insert q’s that expired on Oct. 8.

    I can’t promise you that you’ll earn another $7 cat but I did more than 8 times.

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    Deal Idea:
    (2) Jergens lotion @ $4.29 (will ring up $3 with 30% coupon)
    Use F&F pass
    and (2) $1.50/1 coupons from SS 10/1
    Pay $3
    Receive 400pp
    $1 MONEY MAKER!!

    *You can buy 4, 6, or 8 of these - pp limit eached after 8 - just make sure to buy in multiples of 2

    Deal Idea:
    (3) YooHoo 3pk strawberry or chocolate milk @ $1 (will ring up $.70 with 30% coupon)
    Use F&F pass
    No MQ available
    Pay $2.10
    Receive 200pp
    Final Cost: $.10 - just over $.03 per pack!

    *You can buy 6, 9, or 12 of these - pp limit eached after 12 - just make sure to buy in multiples of 3

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    @mrvietnam Bought more Zyrtec today (friend’s card). Paid using $7 catalina and earned another $7 catalina, twice.

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