Amazon Prime - Possible Free Custom Metal Tabletop Gift thru 12/31

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    To claim your free custom metal tabletop gift, please sign in to your Prime account.
    Offer must be claimed and used by 11:59 PM PT on December 31, 2019.
    Click Activate to claim your offer.
    Download and sign in to the free Amazon Photos app.
    Upload your photos. Turn on Auto-Save to automatically back up your photos and free up space on your phone.
    Create your custom Metal Tabletop with your favorite photo.
    Your item will be free at checkout (an $18.99 value).

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    Worked for me. Nice freebie. I also got the added bonus of uploading all my pictures to Amazon. Apple stopped uploading my pictures to the iCloud because my free storage allotment was full (unless I paid them 99 cents a month).Thanks, OP.

    By the way, the $18.99 credit is only good for the custom metal tabletop gift 4x4. I tried to use it on the other nicer-looking (IMHO) products, but the credit wouldn’t come off.

    I ordered today and Amazon estimated my delivery date to be sometime between September 10-September 12, so no two-day shipping on this one. Actually, they still claim to have two-day shipping once shipped.

    The order was totally free for me. The tax is zeroed out because the $18.99 is a store coupon and free shipping with Prime.

  • Appears to be 1st activation of Amazon Photos only. I claimed a different offer previously but was ineligible for this.

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    still available

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    Expires soon.


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