RMN 7% CB at Staples.com - Earn Cash Back even on rewards portion

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    Had a $19.17 balance Q expiring yesterday so purchased a hand held shower massage thing at staples.com for $19.99.

    Paid about 92c oop with tax on the portion the rewards didn’t cover. Had clicked through via RMN, CB already reported, earned $1.40 back on the full value cost.

    Good to know, especially if you are buying a larger $ item, probably best to pay something OOP (even if 90c) to ensure the CB shows up versus rewards covering the full amount of the order.

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    Interesting. You can earn cashback on Staples rewards but when redeeming Office Depot rewards you can’t. I wonder why not. I don’t know if you still can but before when ordering at Rite Aid and Kmart/Sears you could earn cashback when using their rewards. I am pretty sure at Kmart/Sears you can’t do that anymore, but not sure about Rite Aid.


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