Get Up to 25¢/gal Cash Back on Gas +Save on grocery & restaurants (limited markets/areas)

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    Download the GetUpside app and use promo code: JNVBG when you register and get and extra 15¢/gal on first purchase. With the Upside app you can get up to $.25/gallon cash back on gas that you purchase at select stations. You can claim up to two offers a day for up to 50 gallons of gas per offer – that’s 100 gallons of gas per day!

    How GetUpside gets you the best gas prices in the area:
    Claim an offer at a gas station near you
    Fill your tank & pay with any debit or credit card
    Snap a picture of your receipt

    There is no minimum to withdraw to paypal, and a $5 minimum to get a check. You can also cash out for gift cards.

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    APP is a joke, about 3 gas stations in 20 mile radius of me, all with the most expensive prices, even with the bonus offer, more per gallon than I can spend w/o this junk on my phone.


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