Walgreens.com Store Pick Up Blue Diamond Almonds 2/$3, 12-Count Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper Big Roll $2.80, OR Kleenex Multi Pack $2.81 acs to 11/25

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    Walgreens.com has 12-Count Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper Big Roll for $2.81, when you clip $1.25 coupon on product page and apply coupon TAKE25 (Must be logged in to clip coupons (join here free)). Select free store pickup where stock permits.

    Note: This item does not ship to store, it needs to be available as their same day pickup option. If you have previously used the coupon, it may not be available on your account.

    Alternatively, Walgreens.com has 3-Count 144-Sheet Kleenex Everyday Facial Tissues on sale for $2.81 when you clip $1.25 coupon on product page and apply coupon TAKE25. Select free store pickup where stock permits.

    see @MrVietnam post about almonds elsewhere in the thread


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    You can also get two 6 oz cans of Blue Diamond almonds for $1.50 each after $1.50 digital coupon. Pick up in store.

  • Thanks! Got the nuts to use up $3 in points - they expire at 6 months and its impossible to track when that is. Better just use them up.

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    Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper 12 Mega rolls at Walgreens for $10.49 AC $10.49
    Use code TAKE25 and order Charmin Ultra Strong for store pickup where available.

    $10.49 after code TAKE25

    Limit 2 per order. You can place multiple orders to get around this, but please be nice and don’t hoard more than you need.

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    I’m not sure how the math works. but when I tried to add to of the Blue Diamond almonds to my online cart it said 1 was $4.59 or 2 for $4.50. I had also already clipped the $1.50 off 2 coupon, but the total due was $3.20 and not $3. Not sure how they did the math. There is no sales tax on food in my state.

    EDIT: I get it. They charge you 20 cents for a shopping bag. I wonder if I can request to not have a shopping bag, but I don’t see anywhere to do that online. I guess I could always just go to the store to purchase and save the 20 cent fee.

    Blue Diamond Bold Almonds Wasabi & Soy Sauce

    6.0 oz | Weight: 0.48lbs
    6.0oz Weight 0.48lbs


    2/$4.50 or 1/$4.59
    Coupon applied. See order summary

    Order Summary


    Shopping bag fee
    included $0.20

    Walgreens will pre-authorize your credit card for an estimated bag fee. The final bag fee will be adjusted at pickup to reflect the actual number of bags used and the resulting total bag fee.


    Estimated Tax:$0.00

    Manufacturer Coupons:-$1.50

    Estimated Total:

  • Ibotta has 25c for Scott TP


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