$5 Free from MrRebates (existing, opened prior to 11/2020)

  • MrRebates is tossing a Xmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Festivus freebie to accounts opened before November 2020. $5 will be added to your balance by following this link after login. www.MrRebates.com/bonus

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    @sonofzeus said in $5 Free from MrRebates:

    to accounts opened before November 2020

    You might want to qualify that in your title that it is only available and free to accounts opened before November 2020.

  • Happy Holidays!
    A $5 Bonus has been added to your Available cash back.
    View your bonus on the Account Balance page.
    Enjoy your Cash Back Christmas Shopping!

    • This $5 bonus promotion is only valid for existing customers of Mr. Rebates who registered a valid Mr. Rebates’ account before November 15th, 2020.
    • This promotion is not valid for customers that register a new account after November 15th, 2020 or customers that did not receive the post card via postal mail.
    • Only one $5 bonus is allowed per eligible account and household.
    • Cash Out requirements are detailed in the Mr. Rebates Terms and Conditions.
    • This promotion is included in those same requirements.

    Thanks, @SonOfZeus! 🙂

  • Idea for leveraging this $5 gift.
    Shop Mint Mobile via MrRebates.
    Buy 6 months service for $45 + tax (unltd/unltd/3gb) on TMO network with compatible BYOD.
    Get $15 cashback.
    Net OOP for 6 months service: $25 + Tax.
    Note: a referral code from existing Mint customer gets you another $15 off renewals.

  • Another way to leverage this $5 gift.
    Buy TING MOBILE sim with $30 off first month’s service at Target. ($.97 net with 10% off digital coupon)
    Shop Ting Mobile via MrRebates link.
    Activate new sim/new number on compatible BYOD.
    Receive $18 cashback.
    Net MM $22 (=$5+$18-$1)


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