Site is suffering from multiple deals posted "en masse" by the same user(s)

  • I’ve liked phatwalletforums since its debut, but recently its usefulness has diminished because of big rafts of deals, often questionable at that, posted by the same user(s).
    Not naming names here, but that won’t require much investigation!

    The upshot is that diversity of deals suffer, and more desirable deal entries are pushed out of view.

    If you try a workaround to sort by “most votes” (vs. newest), you end up seeing mostly deals that have long since expired, some as old 3 years.

    I’m not sure what the fix is, whether limiting the number of deal posts possible per user per day, or providing a mechanism where you could prevent seeing any deal entries by a particular user, or what.

    Just sayin’

  • @ukedog the umpteen posts a day/hour (many reposted) of ‘free’ crap doesn’t help either.

  • I’ve “ignored” users but it still shows the posting but not the text in the body so not really useful. I don’t want to see a downvote or similar button but perhaps that is what will be needed.

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    I ignore by avatar. When there are 30 new posts I skim the list and its easy to ignore the beige ones. I have users blocked but that doesn’t keep the fact that they’ve posted from showing up.

    I’ve benefited from penguin freebies. I would not want them stopped.

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    I think if more people were upvoting posts they like, it would be much easier to see which posts are good.

    Once we have strong community engagement, perhaps we can get a better view going such as frontpage deals or something.

  • @ukedog Now that I’ve reflected on this a little, I think I’ve been a little harsh. I think it’s fine that somebody (anybody) wants to post a number of deals here.
    I just think it could be done differently, in a way that would ultimately benefit everyone.

    For example, let’s say you know about a number of deals at one store/site.
    Instead of posting each deal individually, how about a single deal post that names the store/site name with a brief list of the deal items?
    And inside the body of that deal post could go all the deals, links, and as necessary individual details.

    Same approach for a bunch of deals from different store/sites but on a set of related items.

    Benefits from this approach would be that such deal posts would likely get more upvotes, and perhaps more “replies” naming which deal item or items inside were of interest, and why.

  • What the site suffers from is a definite way to ignore a user. Ignoring a user should be just that!That should be one of the very most important features of a website such as Phatwallet. This way you let a user have the choice if they want to ignore another user. Otherwise, you chase the users who visit the site because the time value is not worth it. Honestly, I’m at that critical juncture.
    Common sense is not very common.

  • @my4mainecoons There goes your color-coded avatar scheme!


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