Buy Cheez-It Snapd 7.5 oz bag AND $5 worth of bread, lunchmeat/cheese on same receipt, get $5 Paypal/check Limit 2 ex 8/31

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    you can max out by buying two Cheez It Snap’d and $10 worth of bread/lunchmeat/cheese (fresh sliced from deli at supermarket counts too) and get $10.

    1. BUY any one (1) bag (7.5 oz. – any flavor) of Cheez-It® Snap’d® along with bread,
      cheese and/or lunchmeat (“Participating Products”) in same transaction from
      5/17/21 – 8/31/21 (“Offer Period”) at a retailer that sells the Participating Products
      (collectively “Qualifying Purchase”). Note: Participating Products must be
      purchased in the same transaction during the Offer Period to complete a Qualifying
      Purchase. You may include up to two (2) Qualifying Purchases in a single
    2. TAKE A PICTURE of your original receipt containing the Qualifying Purchase
      (including purchase date) and go to (“Website”) to
      register and upload your receipt. Receipts must be uploaded within thirty (30) days
      of purchase. Last date to submit a receipt is 9/30/21. Only a Qualifying Purchase of
      Participating Products is valid for this offer. Photo must include the entire receipt
      from top to bottom, including all four (4) corners. For longer receipts, scan or take
      picture in sections and send all portions at the same time. Be sure that the store
      name, date, bar code (if available), items and prices are legible in your image(s).
      Blurry and/or unreadable receipt images will be rejected. For help or more
      information, visit
    3. GET up to a $5 rebate check electronically via PayPal or by mail for the purchase
      price of the bread, cheese and/or lunchmeat (excludes taxes and cost of Cheez-It®
      Snap’d® – maximum rebate is $5.00 for a Qualifying Purchase). If a submitted
      receipt includes two (2) Qualifying Purchases, a separate rebate will be issued for
      each Qualifying Purchase (i.e. two (2) $5 rebates). Last date to select rebate
      payment format is 10/30/21. For rebate via PayPal – allow up to five (5) days from
      rebate payment selection to receive your rebate. For rebate via mail – allow up to
      eight (8) weeks from rebate payment selection to receive your rebate. Limit two (2)
      rebates per person/KFR account for the Offer Period.

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    Turned in receipt a couple of days ago and got notice it was denied.

    Called in and rep looked it over and got credits. Very quick and easy. Great customer service.

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    @vegasvegan It would have been better customer service if it wasn’t denied initially. I think KFR has a problem with its OCR or however they approve things. I bought 3 boxes of Special K for the “buy 3 boxes of Special K or Corn Flakes” offer and it was denied. Contacted CS and it was approved.


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