Chase Visa: offer in many accounts for extra 5% back at OFFICE DEPOT

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    check your offers, valid to mid December.

  • Global Moderator

    I maxed out my offer by buying a $90 Office Depot gift card that will work on FAR items.

  • Mine’s a 10% offer, up to $8 maximum CB, expiring in 20 days (from 11/25 or 11/26). The maximum benefit is thus attainable with an $80 purchase. Found it on my “classic” Freedom card, which earns 1% CB on all purchases. An $80 purchase will thus earn 80 cents @ 1% (normal CB) + $8 @ 10% (via Chase Offer), for an 11% CB total of $8.80.

    I have another CC which earns 5% CB on office supplies (no limits on purchase amount that I’m aware of), so the 11% CB for me is arguably an “extra 6% back” on an $80 purchase at OfficeDepot/OfficeMax (my Chase Offer is valid at both OD/OM).


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