Just4U: Check accounts! Lots of 'freebies' and/or $5/5 digitals this week (conf'd Acme)

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    Log into your J4U accounts at Acme/Albertsons/Safeway, etc.

    The following freebies are floating around this week. You may have 2 freebies or one freebie and one $5/5 offer this week.

    Freebies: Signature Select Fzn Pizza, 10lb bag of Baking Potatoes, 1 dozen eggs, 1lb of Lucerne Stick Butter

    had something good in ALL my accounts.

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    Same here. Something good in all 4 accounts. I got free items in each account and in 2 of my accounts I also got a $5/$5 coupon.

  • Bummer. None of the mentioned deals showing in accounts at Jewel. 😑

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    I got ON fake meat (same item as Saturday sampler but different offer), 10 lbs. of potatoes, eggs or 1/2 gallon of o.j. I might get the fake meat but have no Interest in potatoes, o.j. or eggs.

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    I get the $5/5 fairly often, especially last few weeks.

    It’s a nice incentive to drive over there since Acme is the furthest regular grocery store I shop at.

    I try to maximize the value by using it on a sale item or redeeming all or part on an IB freebie or rebate item.

    I two digitals for their 32oz bags of shredded cheese (store brand) $5.99 price Q and a .50/1 digital too.

    So after $5 off, paid 50c for a 2lb bag of cheese. Even before the $5 off, made it less than $1.50 per 8oz which is a decent price for shredded cheese. Fresh dated til July, so I know we’ll use it by then.

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    Today is the last day to get your free stuff. I just picked up a dozen eggs on one card and a half-gallon of O.J. On the other.

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    I got a new freebie today: Planet Oat Oatmilk Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert.
    another pass…

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    This deal is still alive at ACME, as their new deal week starts on Friday. New deal week starts today (Wednesday) at Vons and Albertsons in So Cal.

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    Not as good as last week freebiewise at Vons, but I did get a $5 off $5 on one card and a free pound of butter on the other.

    I wish Kroger would do stuff like that.


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