$10 off $30 Purchase @Kohls.com for Select Discover Cardholders - YMMV

  • Discover Card is offering a coupon for $10 off $30 purchase at Kohl’s to select cardholders.

    Coupon is valid for a single use thru 12/31/2017.

    To see if you received the coupon:

    1. Log into your Discover Account @ https://www.discover.com/
    2. Select the Rewards tab
    3. Select Discover Deals
    4. Enter Kohl’s in the text box
    5. Select Kohl’s (NOT Kohl’s Online)
    6. Locate the $10 off $30 offer and select View Deal (YMMV)
    7. The deal will display a unique promo code to be used at Kohls.com

    To use the coupon:

    1. Visit https://Kohls.com
    2. Select merchandise totaling at least $30 and add it to your cart
    3. Select Check Out
    4. Select Kohl’s Cash & Promos: Apply
    5. Enter the unique coupon code from step 7 above
    6. Your $10 savings will be applied to your purchase
    7. Pay for the purchase with your Discover Card (some have reported being able to successfully use a Kohl’s Card, to enable stacking of the current 30% off code 💎 JOLLY30 and 🚚 FREESHIP [exp. 12/24/2017])

  • Has anyone tested what happens if you use this coupon and then return the item? The previous promo used to give you kohls cash, wonder if this one would give you back Kohls cash or you would just lose the promo?

  • Global Moderator

    @XOIncognito refund is prorated because it acts as a coupon now ($10 off $30) versus $10 off $10 which got read as Kohls Cash.

    So if you bought two $15 items to hit $30 and returned one, you’d get back $10 since you paid $20 oop for both assuming no other codes were used. further codes, like the 30% charge code would prorate it that much less ($7 back)

  • administrators

    Yea, I gave up on these once they became a real $10 off $30 coupon. I used to collect from friends and family and be able to get $50 once a month.

  • I gave it a try - bought with the 10 off 30 - if you return teh item you just lose the coupon…

  • 500 Club

    @kohlspowrshopper I printed the $10/$30 to use in store. The OP only mentions using it online but I presume I can use it B&M.


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