PSA - Walgreens discontinuing Balance Rewards for Health Goals Nov 16, 2022

  • Effective November 16, 2022, earning Walgreens Cash rewards through the myWalgreens® Health Goals service will no longer be available*.

    Earning Walgreens Cash rewards for myWalgreens® Health Goals will be discontinued November 16, 2022. As a result, all existing and future wheel spins will no longer be available. Any goals in progress, regardless of what week you are on within your goal, will be terminated as well. This will not impact your current Walgreens Cash rewards balance in your myWalgreens account. All existing data related to your myWalgreens® Health Goals will be deleted.

    I don’t know how many of you did this, but my Fitbit was linked and it was an easy few dollars a month of wags cash.

  • Global Moderator

    I had the ‘couch potato’ goal, I completed the goal with flying colors, but they never rewarded me!

  • Oh no! I was getting about $4 a month from manually entering the activities once a week and doing the spins. Will really miss this.

  • Love how they are giving “Whitelabel Error Page” when clicking the usual link instead of explaining the program has ended.

    I was able to do my final spin for $2 on Tuesday. Will miss the easy money from this program.

  • I read a “quiet” notice about this a couple weeks ago. I think it was in an email from Walgreens. Yes, it was a nice, easy few bucks a month. A little odd that they ended the program after the first week of the monthly challenge (they normally run 4 weeks and then would reset when you chose a new set of challenges). Oh well.

    Remember to keep track of your cash balance and be sure to redeem any amount due to expire at the end of each month.


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