Coke Rewards: Ten Codes = Get Free Drink and Popcorn at AMC Theaters (possibly account specific offer)

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    With Coca-Cola and AMC Theatres, you can taste the magic of the movies. Pick up your favorite Coca-Cola beverages and enter 10 codes to earn a large drink and popcorn for your next movie night.
    Taking part is easy:

    1. Log into your profile on
    2. Locate the AMC offer
    3. Enter 10 Codes to earn the reward

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    I just got the same email, but it requires 15 codes, not 10. Interesting they require different amounts from different subscribers. The email did say "Ends 4/16/18. Must have account and must be randomly-selected/invited to participate. See T&Cs for all details."
    I only have 6 Coke 12-pack carton codes and am not going to waste them on this since we don’t drink Coke, and it’s like pulling hens’ teeth to try and get friends to save the bottle caps or carton codes for me.

  • Posted this in the Official Coke Rewards thread. My offer is 15 codes too.

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    My offer is 10 codes on one account and only 5 codes on the other two Coke accounts I have, I redeemed for the two accounts that only required 5 codes. The account that required 10 codes I will pass on because I won about 4 free popcorns and drinks from the free entry sweepstakes last Christmastime. As it is now I will have to go to the movies 6 times in 8 months to redeem all my coupons.

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    Note that these coupons for free popcorn and drink have a relatively short validity. They expire 9/30/18.


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