• There is a grocery chain near me that gives gas points whenever you purchase Visa or master card gift cards. All the time. Also Stop and Shop does this when advertised. I was intrigued by the Fuel rewards program hanging on the shelf, as it states you have to link a credit card to the program, so I never tried. But I did sign up 2 weeks ago and card arrived. So I gave it a shot with a 25.00 Shell gift card I had from the grocery store. (they convert your points into a Shell Gift Card when you have enough to redeem, so for me the 25.00 card is free. I went across the street to Shell and followed the directions which were very simple. Then inserted the gift card and thought for sure the pump would lock up…BUT it took off another 12 cents per gallon. And this works with Stop and Shop loyalty cards too. granted you wont get rich, but if you manufacture spend, this is a great deal. And you get the cash price. The price for reg (cash) was 2.98. it dropped to 2.86 w/o doing much. So you insert 2 cards (fuel rewards and Gift card)

  • btw, I spoke to the attendant and he told me his boss decides how much to discount the gas. So you can go to different stations. BUT if you are using any credit card at shell, the FR card will save you $. recommend using a discounted Shell gift card to get cash price. You can buy Shell cards for discount in many places. Hope this helps someone.

  • if you have a points earning credit card at groceries (Blue cash Preferred or Blue cash everyday from Amex) you can get 6% or 3% off the Shell gas gift cards at Stop and Shop)

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    Really only useful when you get a discount from t-mobile Tues, but I guess every little bit helps.

  • @barrytuneup Not to be picky, but you never really get 6% off - once you factor in the cost of the annual fee it is around 4.75%.

  • @barrytuneup said in SHELL FUEL REWARDS:

    You can buy Shell cards for discount in many places.

    Where are discounted Shell cards available? I generally get them by redeeming my Discover cashback bonus at the rate of $70 for a $75 card, which is a 6.67% discount. I only remember getting them from RiteAid once with a $5 discount for a $25 card (after Plenti Points).

    You mention Stop & Shop. You can earn a .10/gal discount for every $100 you spend on “eligible” purchases. Not sure if the Shell GC themselves are eligible, but that would be an opportunity to earn 5% cashback on Chase Freedom or Discover for the grocery category through 6/30.

    Fuel Rewards members always get a minimum discount of .03/gal, but can be higher if you have Gold Status (.05/gal). I have my IHG membership linked so I always get at least .06/gal.

  • Publix grocery stores (mostly FL) frequently (1-3x/month) have coupons that if you spend $50 on groceries you can buy a $50 gas card for $40. I use them with my Shell Fuel Rewards (linking to a credit card is not required for the FR program). You don’t even have to carry the card with you, just enter your “alt ID” (phone #). It is always at least 5 cents/gal. off, more during a special promotion.

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    Winn Dixie will be going back to shell rewards.

  • @somanycats that’s correct. use the Shell FR card first, then insert the Shell gift card.

  • @bbsearchlight right you get 4.75% off of the Shell card at Stopans Shop/Acme/shoprite etc. with the preferred card. So spend 6k/year (easy if manufactured spending) and get 360.00 back -the 95.00 fee. Or spend 6k/year on the no fee blue cash everyday and get 3% in groceries. 180.00 cash back. You can have both cards

  • Very interesting.


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