Sirius XM select 6 months for $33 or 5 months for $28 (YMMV, plus taxes/royalty fees)

  • Been doing this for over 5 years now… Reviving this thread…

    Called (866) 635-2349
    Said cancel because rate was too high.
    Pushed to get my previous offer of XM Select 6 months $29.99 plus fees

    New promo is for XM Select 6 months for $33 plus fees, or 5 months for $28 plus fees

    Had to call twice. It looks like they moved Listener Care back onshore. First rep was a bit of a pain and didn’t want to argue to get a good deal. Second rep was a lot nicer (also onshore) and offered 5 months for $28 ($5.60/month) and when I asked about 6, she gave me the 6 months for $33 ($5.50/month)

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    Thanks for this. I must’ve bumped that thread 20 times over the years. My renewal is coming up next month, so I’ll be sure to bump this with my results.

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    Thanks OP. Mine is coming up in a couple months as well.

  • My new vehicle trial was running out, XM sent me an offer for $30 for 6 months to keep it on, of course I used a card that would expire before they could rebill at a higher rate at the end

    I have also been playing the call and whine plan for many years and have always gotten a decent deal about $5-$6 a month

  • I have been threatening to cancel for over 4 years. Always get the 26.00 plus tax deal for 5 months. I used to use it for H. Stern but getting tired of him. They do have a good 50’s/60’s/70’s channels. Only have it in car and cancelled my home radio 2 years ago. Don’t spend much time in the car anymore tho. Don’t know how thay can be making profits with all the comp. from pandora/Iheart etc.

  • Went through the process this past weekend. They said best they could do was $30 for 5 months as the $25 for 5 I had done too many times. So I called their bluff and said just cancel me. And of course came back and said well we will give to you 1 more time if stay with them. So I re-upped again.

  • New twist: My 5 month subscription was coming to an end this week and I get this e-mail saying the will automatically extend it for 5 months for $24.99. After that it automatically renews at the normal rate. My guess is that they recognize what I’m doing and are hoping I will forget to cancel in 5 months. Text as follows:

    "We’re Pleased to Extend Your Savings!

    We hope you’ve been enjoying SiriusXM, and all the amazing variety of commercial-free music, plus sports, news, talk, comedy and entertainment that comes with it.

    Your special promotional rate is due to expire soon, but we have great news! Because we value your business, we’re pleased to be able to extend your savings with the same great offer!

    Normally, your subscription would renew to the current standard rate of $47.97 for 3 months. With this new offer, you’ll get an additional 5 months for $24.99 — which is a savings of 68% off of our standard rates!

    Best of all, you don’t need to do anything! Your service automatically renews on 12/6/17 at this new promotional rate. All you need to do is continue to enjoy the SiriusXM programming you love — and great savings.

    Thank you for being a SiriusXM listener.

    Jim Meyer
    Sirius XM Radio

    P.S. We’re always adding exciting new channels and programs to our lineup. Be sure to go to, tell us about your listening preferences, and we’ll create a custom channel guide to help you find exactly what you want to hear.

    Your Account # Ending In: xxxx
    Your Radio ID (ESN): xxxxxxxxxx

    Offer Details: Your Select subscription will automatically renew at $24.99 for your next 5 months and you will save 68% off the current monthly rate of $15.99. Fees and taxes apply. Your service will automatically renew every 3 months thereafter and you will be charged according to your chosen payment method at then-current rates. To cancel, you must call us at 1-855-288- 3553. See our Customer Agreement for complete terms at All fees and programming subject to change. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer."

  • Quick bump for what may be a Cyber Week special, or perhaps a new and better twist.

    My 6 months for $30 ended yesterday, so I called in to renew it. They started with 12 months for $99, which I declined. They then offered me $5/month for 12 months, billed monthly or paid annually. I asked about my half price traffic promotion too, and they gave me that for 12 months too (thisnhad also been on a 6 month cadence) My total was $60+8.34 for radio, and another $23.94 for traffic — for a full 12 months.

    I’d really like to be back to 12 month renewals, which I had way back when, so I hope they’ve finally realized that most people on promotions don’t convert back to full price subscriptions. It’s a waste of everyone’s time to have to call every 6 months.

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    There’s this:
    SiriusXM 6-Month Sub + $50 Amazon GC for $30
    Removed linked, since it is expired.

  • Mine expires tomorrow and I just called and said I want to cancel or get another 6 month deal. She immediately offered 6 months at $30 plus tax/fees for a total of $36.44. Sounds like I was talking with Philippines. Fast and easy.

  • I am up for renewal next month, too. Had it for Howard Stern (agree, it’s getting lame, but…) in any case, I guess to get H.S. you have to have the full deal. I also added web listening/app listening, so I was at $130/year.

    Anyone have the car + web/internet deals to report? The ones posted above seem to be just radio, not internet listening (unless I read wrong?)

    Curious to see what deals there were for my current plan.


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    You were definitely talking with the Philippines. Last week I renewed All Access + streaming for 6 months for $50+ fees and Select was $60+ fees for 12 months.

    12/05/2017-06/05/2018 Sirius All Access 6 Month $49.99
    12/05/2017-06/05/2018 U.S. Music Royalty Fee 6.95
    12/05/2017-12/05/2018 XM Select 1 Year $60.00
    12/05/2017-12/05/2018 U.S. Music Royalty Fee 8.34

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    Better yet, if you are an Amazon Prime member you can enjoy a FREE 3-month trial of SiriusXM Satellite Radio! This offer is valid through 2/28/18.

    Works great when you stream it over your Amazon Echo.

  • I went to cancel as well 5 months for 28.00 was in my profile.
    So I gladly accepted it.

  • Just called in and was offered All Access for $49.99 plus fees. I turned down and was offered the XM Select 6 month for $30 which is what I got 6 months ago. However, this time it was $8 in fees and last time was only $4. We’ll be selling this car in the next 3-4 months so will call to actually cancel at that time.

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    @robstrash said in Sirius XM select 6 months for $33 or 5 months for $28:

    Just called in and was offered All Access for $49.99 plus fees. I turned down and was offered the XM Select 6 month for $30 which is what I got 6 months ago. However, this time it was $8 in fees and last time was only $4. We’ll be selling this car in the next 3-4 months so will call to actually cancel at that time.

    yes, the royalty fees did go up. no way around that. basically 28% in taxes and fees on $30

  • Sound quality is poor because of low bit rate. Worth maybe $5 a month if you remember to quit or can extend. Spotify has way better sound.

  • Thanks for the heads up.

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    Bump. Looks like the music royalty went up a couple of bucks.

    08/09/2018-02/09/2019 Sirius All Access 6 Month $49.99
    08/09/2018-02/09/2019 U.S. Music Royalty Fee 9.55

    So now it’s $10/mo for full radio + internet. Most people might think it’s a waste of money since I also have Spotify + bluetooth streaming in both cars - but I’ll probably keep renewing Sirius until the streaming services are more integrated into OEM autos. I don’t need another reason to be messing with my phone while I’m driving.

  • update. I renewed my allaccess for 36.00 plus tax for 6 months. YMMV. Call me crazy but I like to listen to Howard Stern in the car and on desktop. I like to laugh in these crappy crime ridden times. Call me crazy but I have been a Stern fan since his WNBC afternoon show way back.

  • Bump. I renewed today for the 4th time on Select Plan for 6 months for $30 + taxes & fees. After saying I needed to cancel because it’s too expensive, first offered 1 year for $5.99 per month + t&f. Said no. Then offered 6 months for $33 + t&f. Said no. Then magically I was offered the 6 months for $30 + t&f. They have to try to maximize revenue. I’ve always been willing to let them cancel and wait for the inevitable “specials”. So far that hasn’t been necessary. I’m not going to subsidize the ridiculous truck loads of money they pay Stern by paying the full price. I don’t listen to him. Now if it was a pay-per-view with Stern in a cage full of hungry rats, that I’d pay for! Of course he might just out rat them.

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    Bump. Renewed and the Royalty fees went up again, but they threw in an Amazon Echo Dot with the All Access Plan.

    02/21/2019-08/21/2019 Sirius All Access 6 Month $49.99
    02/21/2019-08/21/2019 U.S. Music Royalty Fee 10.70

    02/21/2019-08/21/2019 XM Select 6 Month $29.94
    02/21/2019-08/21/2019 U.S. Music Royalty Fee 6.41

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    Bump. No increase on royalty fees this time. And they’re sending me another Amazon Echo, which we use as spare gifts.

    09/08/2019-03/08/2020 Sirius All Access 6 Month $49.99
    09/08/2019-03/08/2020 SiriusXM Video 6 Month 0.00
    09/08/2019-03/08/2020 U.S. Music Royalty Fee 10.70


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