Burger King App: Order a Whopper at Any McDonald's Location $0.01 (BK Mobile App Required) exp 12/12

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    Burger King App: Order a Whopper at Any McDonald’s Location $0.01 (Mobile App Required)
    Get one Whopper Sandwich for $0.01 when you place your order via the Burger King mobile app (iOS / Android) within 600-feet of any McDonald’s restaurant location (store locator). Must place your Whopper order for pickup at any nearby participating Burger King restaurant (store locator). T

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    Gotta love it. Interesting promo. Luckily I have a Burger King and McDonald’s less than a half-mile away from each other. I wonder when this offer expires.

  • Have the two next to each other near me. 😀 Will definitely do the deal.

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    I did the deal about an hour ago. Deal worked flawlessly. Hope they have more of these one cent deals going forward, but even when they have Whoppers and chicken sandwiches for a dollar, it’s still a great deal.

    By the way, I found out the deal expires on December 12, 2018

    You have one hour to order sandwich after deal is unlocked.

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    Have it delivered via UberEats to the McDonald’s, then take it inside to eat it and leave the rubbish on the table. 😈 🍔 🍟

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    I tried to do this today, but the coupon kept giving me error messages with the instructions that I had to be within 600ft of a McD’s. (I was). Pretty sure I had the location thing on…

    Just wondering what others experiences have been. I didn’t go out of my way to be near a McD’s (was along the way to BK), but just a frustrating waste of time and I was hungry!!

    Settled for the $1 chicken sandwich instead. Still have the penny whopper in my offerings, but it was a PITA today to try to use it.

  • Worked without a hitch for me yesterday.

  • Good deal, mister c.

    Has xxx seen this thread yet? Waiting for her to lecture everybody about these newfangled smartphone applications that are spying on everybody’s location.

    Mod Edit: Name removed to avoid personal issues on phat.

  • Sadly, it appears this deal is not for me. There are 10 Burger Kings within 9 miles of my work. Not a single one of them supports mobile ordering. Similarly, there are a dozen Burger King locations within 9 miles of my house. Not a single one of them supports mobile ordering. 😥

    I live in the northwest Chicago suburbs, fwiw. Does BK marketing consider that having promos like this with such a pathetic coverage for mobile ordering actually drives business away from them to the competition?

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    Ordered one today. McDonalds was too far, had to use a fake gps app to order.

  • @mistercheap
    Yea I had the same problem today. I was at the BK parking lot, literally less than 200 feet from the MCD (see map above) and the coupon just wouldn’t unlock. After restarting, rebooting, cursing and threatening the app, it finally worked. The app sucked big time.
    BTW, I paid with a cc. How much in fee does BK have to pay cc processing?


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